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Meet Kevin, Peter & the Mirage Studios Team on FCBD!

Meet them during their first group appearance in 20 years at Free Comic Book Day! Volunteer for the day and to meet them and gets some TMNT swag!

JETPACK COMICS - It really is bigger on the inside!

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Visit us at any comic con that we're set up at and you can get free bonuses for representing jetpack!

CONVENTION / SHOW REWARDS - Be sure to visit us at a show wearing your Jetpack T-Shirt and carrying your Jetpack Tote, and you'll be rewarded well.  Every show will be different, as will every patron's reward.  Could be a free something or other.  Might be a SUPER discount.  You represent Jetpack at a show that we are at and we'll take good care of you!  Start a Jetpack chant on the floor and we just may make you the show King!


The best in NH  hippo //

Jetpack Comics - Voted BEST COMIC SHOP IN NH - 2013 New Hampshire Magazine,  2014 Hippo Magazine...and they are right!



Phantom variant

Jetpack Comics is proud to be a founding father of The Phantom Variant Project

Jetpack Comics is a PROUD Phantom Variant Project store!

What is the Phantom Variant Project?  It's a cabal of retailers working together! Phantom Variants are limited edition exclusive comics produced for a select group of elite retailers!  It's the best minds in the industry working together to provide fun and exciting collectibles for the fans and in quantities that help creators and publishers.  It is, quite simply, a limited edition variant that is shared between 20 or so stores. In most cases you'll find these available at Jetpack Comics' store for COVER price! Generally a limit of 1 per customer &  quite  a BARGAIN for that price!  Sorry, the cover price offer is in store only!  You can order them from our site if you aren't fortunate enough to be able to visit us!  Watch as we are a part of some of the most notable books in the industry!

Earth 603

The official Jetpack Comics podcast! Not in our pocket but we're willing to shill for them!

It's time that you tune into the ONLY podcast that is sponsored by your friendly neighborhood Jetpack Comics!  Stu and Larry will rock your world with their take on the world of comics today!  Listen to them bitch.  Listen to them cry.  Listen to Larry morn the death of a character no one cares about and listen to Stu eat a burrito.  Follow the image to their wordpress site or visit them on >>facebook  Be sure to watch for their PICKS OF THE WEEK coming to your local Jetpack Comics!


Check out the Jetpack TV spot!

Jetpack's Got That - Zombies from Tom Bennett on Vimeo.

Don't miss any of the Jetpack Comics commercials on the Walking Dead, weekly at 9 on AMC!

Jetpack Comcast Spotlight Ad from Tom Bennett on Vimeo.


With the help of a great online company we are finally managing your subs online. 

We'll even do mail-order for you with this new system.  No charge for shipping if you use the service.  Just sign up and we'll get your books to you.

To sign up for a FREE Jetpack  Comics subscription service that you can manage online go to...
1 - Click the sign up link in the top left
2 - Fill out the forms
3 - You will get a confirmation email - open that
4 Click the link to verify the account
5 - Once you are done with that go here
6 - Click the blue button on the left that says "Connect"

Now everything that you do on Comixology will show up in your weekly pull list.
You can look as far as six months in advance to see what you might want. The earlier you do your list the more likely we are to be able to provide it for you.
Remember pull means one single issue subscribe means we will pull it every time it ships.
Email us  if you have any further questions.