You missed out on our SUPER DUPER MODERN MASTERS DEAL but don't be sad.

How much will it be?  We'll let you know when you show up. You've seen how awesome our pricing is.

You know us.  The deal will be GREAT but we've only got a limited supply so we're not quoting this over the phone.

Why?  Because we want our regular customers to get it, not the Money Grubbing Magic Resellers.

Don't Call.  Don't Email.  Don't Tweet or FB post.  Don't even ask till you get to the store.

As we run out of product the price will change so your price might not even be the same as your friends.

Join the Jetpack Comics X-Wing Federation!

Join the Jetpack Comics X-Wing Federation!

Whether you are Rebel Scum or Imperial Elitists, we've got you covered!

Your location for all Tournament and Free-Play information. If you are new to Star Wars Miniatures gaming bring your friends, come on down to have some fun and we will teach you how to play.


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The first D&D Adventurers League season 6 epic premieres April 15th!

Don't miss out on this HIGHLY interactive multiple table adventure! Help Jetpack have the biggest event they've ever hosted!

Don't miss out on this HIGHLY interactive multiple table adventure! Help Jetpack have the biggest event they've ever hosted!

This event is 100% free!

Spots are limited so RVSP as soon as possible! Grab a pregenerated character or bring one of your own! Character levels 1-10 are all welcome to play!

*****We will be running events ALL DAY starting at 10am! Make sure you get there early to get in on the action!

Khundrukar held many fine implements of war in its heyday, many of them now lost to time. Clues point to some of the long dead Master Smith Durgeddin’s handy work in the service of sinister forces that bid their time deep in the Underdark. Reclaim the riches of Khundrukar from the darkness if you dare!


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We've got plenty of space for you to play games and run events.  We're looking to run the games that you want us to run.  There's plenty of room for you and your game.  Get something going, make it grow and you will be rewarded.  Present us an idea or a suggestion and you just may be the next Jetpack Staff Member.  Drop us an email and let us know if you want to use the gaming rooms and run events!  Plenty of space for EVERYONE!  We need DMs, Yu Gi Oh Duelists, Pokemon Trainers and so much more!



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