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MTG Weekly Wrap Up

Thursday Night Draft fired with 13 people. Two people were able to go 3-0 on the night.  Cameron Mcintire played a red/black aggro deck and Rob Castellon played a black/green deck that splashed blue for Sea God's Revenge.  
Friday Night Magic was busy as usual.  We had 39 people, 21 for standard and 18 for draft.  Standard was able to play out their event with Rob Castellon (mono black) beating Kevin Luu (blue/green flash) in the finals.  Top 4 in draft split with four very different decks:  Jay McEwan played blue/white control, Abe Haslett built an interesting dredge deck around Nighthowler, Josh Sanders had a mono red devotion deck, and I had a green/white heroic deck. 
We had nine people show up on Easter Sunday to play in Grand Prix Trial: Minneapolis.  The field showed a very diverse Modern meta game with nine different decks being played.  The top four split the $150 store credit prize and then played it out for the title.  Aaron Wrightsman took home the trophy with a unique Children of Korlis deck, defeating red-green Scapeshift.  Storm and Affinity rounded out the top four.
As crazy as it seems, this weekend is Journey Into Nyx prerelease! After regularly scheduled Thursday Night Draft and FNM, we will be having five events this weekend at Jetpack Comics.  We start things at 12:01 on Saturday morning with our midnight release.  Additionally, we will have events at noon and 6ish on Saturday (the last event of the day will fire after the noon event which we think will be about 6).  On Sunday we will have two events.  At noon will be the popular two-headed giant tournament and around 5 will be anther sealed event.
All events (other than THG) will be sealed events with each player receiving six packs: two packs of Theros, one pack of Born, two packs of Journey and one faction pack.  Players will build a minimum 40 card deck from these packs and compete in a swiss tournament for packs of Journey Into Nyx.  We hope to see you this weekend!

MAGIC The Gathering JOURNEY into NYX Pre-Release April 26 & 27

Magic the Gathering Journey into NyX //

Once again these are sealed events but at your request, we will be handling faction packs a bit differently.  Players will be seated randomly and factions will be handed out starting with seat one.  

Prize support will be 2 packs of Journey into NYX per player into the prize pool for each event, until we run out of product.  


Join us after FNM on 4/25 for the first prerelease event of the weekend.

$25 pre-reg / $30 day of event  Game starts at 12:01 AM 4/26


Saturday 4/26 - NOON

$25 pre-reg / $30 day of event  Game starts at Noon


Saturday 4/26 - SIX PM

$20 pre-reg / $25 day of event  Game starts at SIX


Sunday  4/27 - NOON - TWO HEADED GIANT 

$25 pre-reg / $30 day of event  (price is per person) Game starts at NOON


Sunday  4/27 - FIVE PM 

$20 pre-reg / $25 day of event starts at FIVE


Grand Prix Trial: Atlanta

Mtg grand prix//


Saturday, May 10, 2014
Doors Open at 10:00am, Tournament starts at 11:00am
Theros Block Sealed deck
$30 Entry

Guaranteed Prize Support
1st: 1 Box Journey into Nyx
2nd: 18 Packs
3rd-4th: 9 Packs
Three additional packs added for each player above 18.

Here's a quick recap of Magic happenings are Jetpack Comics from last week!

Thursday Night Draft  had 11 people and two players went 3-0. One deck was minotaurs and was a blue/white heroic deck.

For FNM we had strong numbers again, 40 combined for both events. In standard,  a Jund deck and a mono black deck had to split top 2 because of time. In the draft, no one went 5-0 thanks to several pair down winners! Craziness!

There is a busy weekend of Magic coming up at Jetpack! Thursday Night Draft on 3/20 at 7pm, FNM on 3/21 with both standard and draft starting at 7pm and GPT Philly (sealed) on Saturday 3/22.  Hope to see you at one or all of the events this weekend!

Monday Night Modern

Magic Events

Join us the first Monday of each month for Modern. $5 entry, three rounds of swiss. Players with two or more wins earn store credit!

Bring a Friend to Jetpack

Magic at Jetpack

Got a friend that needs to get into magic?  Well we're going to reward you for bringing them.  Bring someone to a Jetpack Magic event, that has never played with us before and we'll give you a
 free pack of Magic (your choice from the regular priced Magic pool of packs).  One of our staff will verify that the player is new to us, and BAM, you get a pack of cards and he gets a promo.


MTG Card

Come and check out our new Magic pricing.  Our case is filled with the cards you need!  We're paying more than ever and trading like crazy.  Stop in this Thursday or  Friday and see what Rob is offering for what you have.

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