Comic Review: X-Men Blue #1


X-Men_Blue_1_CoverX-Men Blue #1 (Marvel Comics)

Last week was the first issue of X-Men Gold. The week before that was X-Men Prime. So naturally, this week we’re taking a look at X-Men Blue, the other flagship X-Men title in the new RessurXion publishing event at Marvel. While X-Men Gold had the focus on classic X-Men members like Kitty Pryde, Colossus, and Nightcrawler, Blue is focusing on the younger, time-displaced original X-Men, who are now under the tutelage of Magneto. This twist is what initially had me interested in this series, and after reading the book, it’s clear to see that this will be the driving force behind Cullen Bunn and Jorge Molina’s new series.

Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Jean Grey, and Angel are on the trail of Black Tom Cassidy, who’s holding up a mega yacht for ransom. Under new leader Jean Grey, the team begins to make short work of the criminal, until the Juggernaut arrives to assist his partner in crime. This battle leads to the X-Men showcasing some new and surprising abilities, but it all pales in comparison to the reveal behind who is guiding this new team of mutants, Magneto.

The idea of Cullen Bunn continuing to write Magneto was the big draw for me with this issue. Starting in Magneto and leading into Uncanny X-Men, the writer has had a long and fantastic history with the character, and has done a lot of interesting things with him. Unfortunately, Magneto only shows up in the final page of this issue, so we’ll still have to wait and see just how he interacts with the rest of the team. That being said, Cullen Bunn is able to weave a pretty entertaining first issue for this new direction of the team. It’s pretty straightforward, so even someone like me, who dropped off of All-New X-Men after the Guardians of the Galaxy crossover, would be able to jump into this version of the X-Men pretty easily (even though I’m still confused over some of the new things these characters can do).

Artist Jorge Molina’s style is perfectly suited for this kind of book. The entire issue is essentially one long action sequence, and Molina is able to keep giving you more and more fantastic set pieces that keep you entertained. There are a few random panels where some of the character’s faces look a little off, but for the most part, Molina’s style is pretty great.

While it doesn’t have the same roster as X-Men Gold, I do think Blue has the stronger hook. The idea of Magneto training this version of the X-Men is really cool, and while the marketing ruined the big surprise, this was still a very entertaining read, and the “coming soon” teaser image definitely has my interest piqued. Really the only thing I didn’t like about this issue was the back up story, which looks to be teasing the return of a character that really should’ve been left alone (and one that I’m not sure anyone is interested in). But other than that, X-Men Blue is a fun book that’ll please long time X-Men fans.
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