MODERN MASTERS 2017 on SALE THis Friday 3/17 at 10 am!

and we'll draft it 3/17 at 7:00 pm too! 


You missed out on our SUPER DUPER MODERN MASTERS DEAL but don't be sad.

We will have Magic Modern Masters for sale at the MegaStore at 10 am on 3/17.

How much will it be?  We'll let you know when you show up on 3/17.

You've seen how awesome our pricing is.

You know us.  The deal will be GREAT but we've only got a limited supply so we're not quoting this over the phone.

Why?  Because we want our regular customers to get it, not the Money Grubbing Magic Resellers.

Don't Call.  Don't Email.  Don't Tweet or FB post.  Don't even ask till you get to the store.

As we run out of product the price will change so your price might not even be the same as your friends.



Frequent Players save!  Occasional Players don't

If you've played with us in the last 4 weeks then you get the special draft deal.

If you haven't then you don't

  • Draft Deal $35 = 3 packs w/$5 to prize pool
  • No Deal $50 = 3 packs w/$5 to prize pool

Limit of one entry per person *you can't pay for your friend - he has to come over and pay for himself.

No comps for this event - Thank you
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