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Please Read All Disclaimers For FCBD!

FCBD disclaimers - As THE premiere FCBD event in New England (the world perhaps?) we are forced to cover our butts every which way from here to Sunday. Make sure you skip to the bottom and read EVERY ONE of our disclaimers.  If you don't it's your own fault.  

Please our fcbd disclaimer at the bottom of the page


Help spread the word about Free Comic Book Day

THE ROCHESTER FREE COMIC BOOK DAY FESTIVAL - takes place all over Rochester,  Not only will there be several venues featuring comic book creators, vendors and more but a variety of businesses throughout town will all have Free Comic Books as well.  Be sure to pick up your map on Free Comic Book Day.  It will help guide you to all the local businesses and Free Comic Book Day Locations!

Educators are welcome to bring students to the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY festival, as a class field trip and we welcome the assistance of librarians & educators to help spread the word about Free Comic Book Day.

Please contact Ralph DiBernardo at  and let him know what Jetpack Comics can do to work with you!


It's time for the World Famous Rochester, NH Free Comic Book Day Festival!

We are changing things up this year so be sure to read the rules!

RULES SUBJECT TO CHANGE UP UNTIL MAY 3rd, 2014 so check back!

It's the Ninth Official Free Comic Book Day for Jetpack Comics! There's so much fun and excitement all over Rochester, that it's a giant Festival taking place all over town!  There will be special guests, thousands of Freebies, costumed characters, & more. Visit a variety of shops in town to pick up additional free comics. 

This city-wide event will be taking place at nearly 2 dozen locations around the downtown Rochester area.  All ages are welcome to attend the event.  Families can visit participating locations and collect Free Comic Books! This year we are mixing things up be providing both new & collectible comics.  Some from years passed and others made just for this day!  Most of the comic books given away are all ages appropriate.  Of course it is up to  parents and guardians to review the materials before giving them to children as some comic books may contain violence, adult and real-life situations. 

The Rochester, NH Free Comic Book Day Festival is one of the biggest events every year in Rochester so plan accordingly and be sure to read through all of our information pages so you know what to expect from the day.  Parking is ALWAYS a premium so arrive early and plan on staying late.  Dress appropriately for the day as it is a rain or shine event and the lines can be long!

FCBD DIsclaimers


FREE COMIC BOOK DAY FILMING & PHOTOGRAPHS.  Please note that there will be several film crews and photographers on hand at the Free Comic Book Day Festival.  Attending the Rochester Free Comic Book Day Festival is your tacit permission to film you and or your family without express written permission.  Images may be used in movie, TV, or still photographs for publicity and promotional purposes..

BACK ALLEY DEAL We welcome everyone to enter Jetpack Comics' rear (Union Street Parking Lot) entrance for a fee of $10 per person if they wish to skip the line at the store's front entrance. The Jetpack Back Alley deal will start between 9:15 & 9:30.

WEATHER ALERT Current weather predictions call for rain, so bring an umbrella, a rain coat, slickers and a waterproof bag. All of the lines (for comics, guests, vendor hall, etc) will start outside - be prepared.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY HOURS 10 - 4 but join us at the FCBD after party at the Garage at the Governor's Inn.

All guests, vendors, businesses and people in general are subject to personal and professional commitments.  Appearances and times may change at any time.  No refunds will be given for guest cancellations or changes - not that the event costs you anything anyway. Creators may elect to limit signing quanitites at any time.  Please be reasonable and respect their time. 

Special Needs and Requests.  The Free Comic Book Day Festival is an easy to access event with most locations being wheel-chair accessible and all locations being open to assist with any special needs or requests.  A variety of locations, including Jetpack Comics and the Event Hall, have options to purchase premium access and passes, which move you to the front of the line or give you premium participation.  If you choose to participate at the standard level there will be staff on hand to make your visit with us as comfortable as possible.  Thank you very much for joining us for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.

Parents & Guardians must approve all comic books given out on FCBD.  If you chose not to enter the premises of any establishment, to view the comic book(s), then you have given approval for your child to take whatever they want.  Comic books may contain violence, adult situations and mature themes.  We highly recommend you take the time review what your child may be viewing. All guests are subject to professional commitments and are subject to change at any time. No refunds will be given for guest cancellations or changes - not that the event costs you anything anyway.