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Some organizations, conventions and blogs we are fans of.

GeekSet Podcast

Check our Deuces, Lib & Bacardi as they blend Geek & Hip-Hop Culture together.

Millarworld Forums

Millarworld is the vast tapestry of characters and superteams from the fevered mind of Mark Millar.


Gemr is a social community and online marketplace for people who collect. From antiques to vintage and pop-culture collectibles, Gemr is the premier platform for showcasing your collecting passions.

Fat Guy Food Blog

The dudes over the FATGUYFOODBLOG find and review the newest snacks and eateries before anyone else does!  Found a new candy bar, cookie, chip, or other junk food? Hit up a new restaurant that you think we need to review? Email them at

Rich- Hates lettuce on sandwiches & burgers. If he was on death row his final meal would be BBQ Chicken Nachos, Gold Fever Wings with cheese melted over them, and a massive Reeses Peanut butter cup sundae with a bucket of peanut butter sauce dumped over it. And an ice cold MOXIE. 

Mike- Loves chips and soda more than most people- they go perfectly with every meal. If he was on death row, his final meal would be a bbq chicken calzone with a side of pepperoni and extra cheese pizza and gallons of mountain dew, topped off with a huge bowl of Gifford's Moose Tracks ice cream, the greatest ice cream ever created. 

Josh- Shoot him into space and fill his suit with cheese, this man lives and breathes it.