Comic Review: Batman #50


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bm-50-2717f-jpgBatman #50 (DC Comics)


Bruce Wayne is back, and he’s ready to reclaim his city in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman #50. At this point, thinking that Bruce Wayne would stay “dead” and Jim Gordon would be the new Batman forever would be a foolish notion, and that’s not even considering the fact that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits this week. But it’s a testament to Snyder and Capullo’s near perfect symbiosis as writer and artist that this issue of Batman works as well as it does.

Mr. Bloom’s plan to corrupt Gotham and its citizens with his seeds nears completion, and Jim Gordon has done everything in his power to stop him. But it’ still not enough, and as death comes for him, we’re treated to the return of the true Dark Knight. With a pretty neat (and subtle) new costume, the newly returned Bruce Wayne brings the fight to Bloom, and in the process, reminds Gordon and Gotham just how much the city needs him.
Scott Snyder’s script takes a story we’ve seen before and makes it so fresh and interesting that you won’t even realize that this is very similar to previous Batman stories where Bruce Wayne needs to be replaced as the Bat. Snyder’s able to get across his lofty beliefs of what makes Batman such a great and noble hero in a pretty straightforward way, and he even works in some nice moments with Duke Thomas, the lead from We Are Robins who may or may not be poised to become the new Robin.

 With Snyder pouring it all into his script, Greg Capullo’s able to let loose with the pencils this issue. I know I’ve said it numerous times before, but Capullo really is one of the best artists working today. Batman #50 is full of instantly iconic panels, and makes a clear case for Capullo being one of the greatest artists on Batman of all time.

Batman #50 works as a love letter to Bruce Wayne’s dark protector, and it also weaves in some moments of lightness and hope into the Batman’s outlook on his city. While this whole “Superheavy” storyline has dragged on too long, Snyder and Capullo delivered a fantastic and gripping conclusion that also serves as a great summary of their entire run on the character.
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