Comic Review: The Fix #1


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The Fix #1 (Image Comics) 

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Superior Foes of Spider-Man. The Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber Marvel series was a hilarious look into the lives of some of Spider-Man’s lesser-known foes, with panels that have been burned into my brain forever because of their pure insanity (seriously, if you say “the face of Doom” to me I’ll probably bust out laughing). So you can imagine my excitement when I found out about The Fix, the new Image series from Spencer and Lieber. My anticipation was through the roof for this one, and I’m happy to report that The Fix was exactly what I was hoping for and more.

The Fix follows two corrupt cops who typically investigate the places that they had just robbed, with this opening issue’s hit taking place in a retirement home. Roy, our “hero”, narrates this opening issue, and also details how his fascination with crime brought him into law enforcement. More so than in Superior Foes, Nick Spencer’s dark humor shines through beautifully in this issue, and many times I found myself laughing at how insane this book gets (just wait until you meet the movie producer who is trying to make a movie based on Roy and his partner).

Steve Lieber again shows off his comedic skills with this issue, and just like with Superior Foes, he expertly knocks down the jokes that Spencer sets up in his script. You can tell from the work Lieber puts into this that he’s very excited to be working on this. With intricate layouts and differing panels on each page, Lieber easily outdoes anything from his Superior Foes work, which is no easy task.

The Fix is a very entertaining comic book, and one that deserves your time and money. It’s like the R rated version of Superior Foes of Spider-Man, or better yet, if Shane Black was given the chance to write the story for a Grand Theft Auto game. Sure, there are a LOT of characters introduced in this issue, but Spencer and Lieber are such a dynamite creative team with such a great premise that you end up just going along for the ride. In a world where there are too many events and gimmicks in comics, The Fix is just what we need.
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