Comic Review: Green Lanterns Rebirth!


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Green Lanterns Rebirth #1 (DC Comics)06-01-16-GLS-R-1

Now that DC Universe Rebirth has hit, it’s time for the first wave of the special Rebirth issues. This week, the biggest release is arguably Green Lanterns Rebirth, which features Green Lantern mastermind Geoff Johns teaming up with new Green Lanterns writer Sam Humphries. Paired with artist Ethan Van Sciver, this new one-shot sets the stage for the upcoming new series starring Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, the newest recruits to the Green Lantern Corps.

Geoff Johns and Sam Humphries give both Cruz and Baz equal time in this issue, and it’s a lot of fun seeing them play off of one another. While Baz is technically the more experienced Green Lantern, he’s still nowhere near the level Hal Jordan or John Stewart are, so it’s easy to buy that Hal Jordan decides that they need to train together to become better Green Lanterns. It’s a pretty fun concept, and having these two characters bounce off of one another is a blast to read. Johns and Humphries even poke fun at the fact that there’s now six Green Lanterns just for Sector 2814, which is a great running gag throughout the issue.

On the art duties is Ethan Van Sciver, the legendary artist behind the other Green Lantern Rebirth. With a little help from Ed Benes, Van Sciver brings a ton of epic and grandiose images to help build up the importance of Simon and Jessica, and as always, it’s a ton of fun seeing his take on the Corps and their power set. Hell, the page where Hal Jordan reveals that the Justice League will be overseeing Jessica and Simon’s training is worth the $3 cover price alone.

For new readers, there’s no better time to jump into Green Lantern than right now. The various Rebirth specials are all designed to help new and lapsed readers jump right in, and Green Lanterns should be the template for all of the other Rebirth specials. It definitely worked on me, as I’ll be checking out this series for the time being just based on the two leads. This is exactly what I was hoping for from DC Rebirth.
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