Comic Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 (Boom! Studios)STK699232

Fresh off a surprisingly sold out special 0 issue, Boom! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers finally gets a proper start with Kyle Higgins and Hendry Prasetya’s #1. While it’s not the action packed debut that you’re probably expecting, the new ongoing series does feature some interesting character depth, something that, let’s face it, the 90’s phenomenon never really got into.

This opening issue kicks off what writer Kyle Higgins has described as “Green Ranger Year One”. There’s a big focus on Tommy, who has just recently joined the team after turning against Rita Repulsa. However, Higgins’ drops numerous hints throughout the issue that imply that Tommy’s not quite as together as he’s letting his teammates believe. Yes, Boom! Studios’ Power Rangers focuses on the core group that you still love; however, the timeline has been bumped up so they’re operating in modern times. That means Bulk and Skull have a YouTube channel dedicated to the Power Rangers, and Jason, Zach, Kimberly, and the rest of the Rangers use cell phones and have the Internet. But surprisingly, this isn’t a distraction. In fact, it’s used really well.

On the art side of things, Hendry Prasetya continues the stellar work he showcased in the 0 issue. This guy has seemingly come out of nowhere and delivered some awesome art with Power Rangers. Prasetya’s teenage Rangers all look very similar to their live action counterparts, but he’s able to keep his own style at the same time. He even has awesome depictions of some of the goofier monsters in Rita’s castle.

It’s clear from this issue that Higgins and Prasetya are having a blast on this book, and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting to like this as much as I do. Sure, it’s scratching that nostalgia itch, but at the same time, Boom could’ve just put anyone on this book and cashed in on the nostalgia craze. The fact that they put this much effort into Power Rangers and got this creative team is a pretty great sign of what’s to come with this series.
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