Comic Review: New Suicide Squad #18


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The Suicide Squad is free from Amanda Waller’s control in Tim Seeley and Juan Ferrayra’s New Suicide Squad #18, but it doesn’t seem like they’re going to get to enjoy the newfound freedom for very long. Fresh off of faking their deaths in the previous issue, the team is soon recruited by the man who helped them escape, but what they don’t know is that he’s been working on a plan to get revenge on the Squad for one of their past missions.

Tim Seeley’s script is a lot of fun, and he really understands what makes the different Squad members tick. However, it’s clear that Seeley is really enjoying writing Harley Quinn, as her opening moment where she details how she set up their escape is easily the best part of the issue. Seeley does such a good job that I’m really hoping he takes over for the Harley Quinn ongoing that will debut after DC’s Rebirth.

Juan Ferrayra made a pretty big splash the past few years at Dark Horse, and while his art is a welcome change from the problems that plagued the past runs of New Suicide Squad, the coloring choice is a little strange. There seems to be either a new inking choice or new coloring technique being used here, and while it’s all right, it does affect some of Ferrayra’s art. Many times in this issue his characters look like lifeless doll versions of the Suicide Squad. It’s not a complete turn off, but it’s definitely noticeable from the previous issue.

New Suicide Squad #18 could’ve benefited from a little more time for our “heroes” to hang out, but at the same time, I like that Seeley and Ferrayra aren’t wasting time. After the past few runs on New Suicide Squad, it’s nice to have a team on the book that I’m actually looking forward to reading, and I really hope we see these two creators stick with the book into DC Rebirth.
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