Comic Review: All-New Wolverine #16

All-New Wolverine #16 (Marvel Comics) all-new_wolverine_vol_1_16_textless

The saga of X-23 taking up the mantle of Wolverine has made All-New Wolverine one of Marvel’s better titles. Sure, it doesn’t have the buzz that say, Old Man Logan has, but the Tom Taylor series has been extremely solid since the first issue, with a great sense of direction and a surprisingly strong supporting cast. That trend continues with All New Wolverine #16, which adds another installment to the “Enemy of the State 2” storyline that has been running through the book.

Much of this issue follows Gabby, the youngest clone of Laura Kinney, as she attempts to escape from her captors and prevent Laura from fully succumbing to the brainwashing machinations of her former creator. Tom Taylor (yes, he wrote the other book I reviewed this week, and no, it wasn’t intentional) has done a great job of fleshing out Laura’s cast of supporting characters, and that work makes this issue really stand out. Gabby gives the book a nice bit of fun humor to help break up the seriousness of the All-New Wolverine, and her relationship with Laura has arguably become the backbone of the whole series.

Artist Nicole Virella really outdoes herself with this issue. From the opening page layouts to the awesome final page reveal, Virella fills All-New Wolverine #16 with a lot of fantastic panels that serve as great showcases for her work. With any luck, Virella will soon be climbing the ranks to become one of Marvel’s top art talents. I could easily see her handling the next big Marvel storyline with ease.

All-New Wolverine has bee
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