Comic Review: Amazing Spider-Man #29


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Amazing_Spider-Man_Vol_4_29_Textless.jpgAmazing Spider-Man #29 (Marvel Comics)

Not even The Amazing Spider-Man is free from the grasp of Marvel’s Secret Empire event. Unlike most event tie-ins though, Amazing Spider-Man #29 feels like a natural continuation of the stories Dan Slott has been building up in his run that just happens to dovetail nicely into the latest Marvel mega event. In fact, with this issue being the return of Doctor Octopus, I was looking forward more to this storyline than any other aspect of Secret Empire. Luckily writers Dan Slott and Christos Gage, with artist Stuart Immonen, do not disappoint in the slightest.

Following the events of The Clone Conspiracy, Doctor Otto Octavius has a new lease on life. Living in the body of a “perfected” clone of Peter Parker, Otto has aligned himself with Hydra as a way to continue his experiments and get revenge on Peter Parker. Outfitted in a new suit, the “Superior Octopus” makes his plans known at the London headquarters of Parker Industries, where he does battle with Spider-Man and begins the first phase of his plan to take down the wall crawler.

One of the best things about Amazing Spider-Man #29 is that there’s no need for any knowledge of what has happened in Secret Empire to enjoy it. Too many times these tie-in issues take place in between issues or panels of the main event, so if you aren’t reading the major storyline you’re left clueless as to what is happening. That’s thankfully not the case here, as Slott and Gage go to great lengths to make this feel like more of a natural progression of the past few years of Amazing’s storylines rather than just throwing Spider-Man’s flagship book into the Secret Empire machine just to make a few bucks

Stuart Immonen is still the artist for this series, and I was surprised because I initially thought he would only be on the book for “The Osborn Identity”. It’s great to see that’s not the case, as Immonen has been delivering some of the best art of the year on Amazing. Under his pencils the Ock and Spidey battle does not disappoint, delivering a truly fantastic fight that makes you forget that this is really only the opening issue of the story and not the final one. There’s a few strange character designs by the issue’s end, but nothing that puts a damper on my excitement for Immonen.

If you’re worried that Secret Empire was going to ruin the flow of Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man run, there’s no need to fear. Amazing Spider-Man #29 is still full of all the things that have made Slott’s run enjoyable. You can tell that Slott really enjoys writing Doc Ock, as it really livens up the story whenever he gets to have Otto give another villainous monologue. Here’s hoping that spark can keep this storyline great.
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