Comic Review: Batman #20


Batman #20 (DC Comics) BM_Cv20_1500_58bf5c52a22cc2.36886413

“I Am Bane” has been a pretty thrilling ride so far. Tom King and David Finch have brought Bane back to his punishing and violent roots, and in doing so have crafted arguably the best storyline of the Rebirth era of Batman. But it all comes to an end with this issue, as Bane finally makes his way to the Arkham Asylum cell where Batman is holding Psycho Pirate.

Simply put, this issue is BRUTAL. Tom King and David Finch have been building up to this showdown ever since the end of the “I Am Suicide” arc, and holy hell do they deliver. This issue is one long throw down between Batman and Bane, and both King and Finch are in top form.  From the opening pages to the thrilling end point, this fight never lets up.

Tom King’s script does an excellent job of getting into the mindsets of both Bane and Batman, but it’s his surprising reveal for the narration that really sells the issue. King’s run on Batman has had a few weird moments (namely Batman and Catwoman calling each other “Bat” and “Cat’), but when King is on, he’s on, and he’s definitely on here. Batman has tons of awesome lines, Bane is incredibly intimidating, and the entire issue works as an awesome conclusion for what King has been building on since the first issue.

David Finch is an artist that has had some ups and downs in recent years, but this issue serves as arguably his best in the past few years. If Bane was intimidating from King’s script, he’s horrifying when drawn by Finch. Hulking over Batman, throwing him around like a rag doll, Finch is able to depict the rage that is consuming and fueling Bane, making this one of the best moments in the villain’s long history with Batman. Under Finch’s pencils, you feel every hit, punch, kick, and more.

Batman #20 is not only of the best issues of the DC Rebirth era of the Dark Knight, it also serves as one of the best issues of the year. Hell, this fight could go down as one of the best fights Batman and Bane have ever had. Both Tom King and David Finch are in top form here, delivering a battle that is every bit as epic and huge as the two characters themselves. This is an absolute must buy.
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