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Bonehead #1 (Image Comics)  Bonehead_01-1

With a futuristic world filled with drones, overzealous cops, and sweet VR helmets, you’d think that Image Comics’ new series Bonehead would be pretty cool. But aside from the stellar art from Rhoald Marcellius, the Bryan Hill series is pretty bland .There’s no real stakes that I can tell here, and the characters are all pretty base level.

In the future, humans can use VR headsets lovingly referred to as “Boneheads”.  The mysterious 56 uses his helmet to not only augment his awesome Parkour abilities, but also assist some members of the downtrodden in his future society. After running afoul of the police and a group of thugs while running a routine test of his Bonehead, 56 and his partner find themselves with a new drone to hack, and also with an unwelcome police officer at their door.

While some Image series fall prey to the dreaded “first issue info dump” Bonehead just drops you right into the action. While I appreciate that Bryan Hill didn’t feel the need to bog down his introductory issue with an explanation of his world, I have to say, a LITTLE exposition wouldn’t have hurt this either. Aside from the character names, I really feel like I have little to no idea about how the world of Bonehead operates, nor can I see anything that I haven’t already seen before in other comics, TV, and movies.

At least the things I’m seeing in Bonehead are nice to look at. I’ve never seen Rhoald Marcellius’ art before, but after reading this issue all I can say is WOW. Marcellius will make a big splash with this issue, and I won’t be surprised to see his name on a lot more comics whenever Bonehead wraps up.

While Bonehead wasn’t entirely the comic I was expecting, there’s some potential for it. But the lack of any sort of idea for what this series is about doesn’t make me that excited to keep going. Here’s hoping Bonehead reads better in trade paperback form.
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