Comic Review: Captain America: Steve Rogers #10

Captain America: Steve Rogers #10 (Marvel Comics)index

Captain America: Steve Rogers has surprisingly become one of the best espionage books on the stands. The Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz series has actually been an extremely solid series (despite what the knee-jerk fans who only read the first issue say). Watching the Hydra possessed Steve Rogers become the superhero Frank Underwood of Marvel has been really cool, and this issue adds to the conspiracies surrounding the former sentinel of liberty.

One of the strongest parts of Steve Rogers has been Nick Spencer’s ability to craft a pretty interesting story with relatively little action. With Maria Hill’s termination as the head of S.H.I.E.L.D., everything is moving into place for Steve Rogers’ plans for Hydra. While it’s a little strange to see Captain America kneel before the Red Skull like he’s Darth Vader addressing the Emperor, it’s been interesting watching Spencer put things in order so Rogers can assert his place of power. Spencer’s use of the rewritten history of Captain America also offers some interesting insight into the current Cap’s plans, and places an interesting spin on the events we all know.

Jesus Saiz’s art is pretty tremendous. Saiz has a great eye for detail and figure work, and he’s able to showcase the intrigue and turmoil on his character’s faces wonderfully. Like Spencer, Saiz’s depictions of the flashbacks add a lot to the current plot, and there’s a great sense of dread to his pages. I won’t be surprised if Saiz becomes one fo the next big Marvel artists.

If you gave up on Captain America: Steve Rogers after the first issue, I highly recommend that you give it another shot. Spencer has started to weave a very intricate plot, and it’s really interesting to see how Steve Rogers plots and schemes to take over Hydra from the Red Skull. While we all know the Steve will be back to his heroic ways at some point, so for now let’s just enjoy the ride.
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