Comic Review: Gwar Orgasmageddon!


Gwar Orgasmageddon #1 (Dynamite Comics) GwarOrgasmageddon-01-Cov-A-Sawyer-600x900

For being such a theatrical band, it’s kind of weird that it’s taken this long for Gwar to star in a comic book. The over the top antics of their live show, coupled with their strange “back story”, would make Gwar the perfect comic book. Or at least, it should. While I’m not the target audience for the new Gwar: Orgasmageddon comic series from Dynamite, I really don’t think even Gwar fans would find a lot to like in it either.

Much of this comes from Matt Maguire and Matt Miner’s script, which feels like two different plots crammed into one. After a quick origin story of the band, they’re attacked at a gig by one of their alien enemies. But then when they go after him in their ship, they’re suddenly rocketed to different points in time. While it’s amusing to see the members of Gwar interacting with Revolutionary War soldiers and Japanese Samurai, the distinct lack of an ongoing thread for a narrative causes the book to really suffer.

At least Jonathan Brandon Sawyer’s art is a good fit for the book. Sawyer’s art is pretty much exactly what you would expect for a comic book starring Gwar, and his loose, gross out style is the perfect kind needed for this book.  Sawyer’s art could even be used to pitch a Gwar TV show to Adult Swim or FX, it’s that much of a good fit.

It’s really hard to make a comic absurd and still make it entertaining. Make it too weird and out there, and people won’t want to follow it, but if you don’t go all the way out there with the absurdity, then the book isn’t funny. Unfortunately Gwar: Orgasmageddon struggles with that balance. While Gwar die hards will probably find a lot to love with this book, there’s simply not enough here for casual Gwar fans to get into.  Perhaps they were better off staying on stage.
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