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Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 #1 (Image Comics)JupitersLegacyV2-01_cvr

The Mark Millarassaince arguably began with Jupiter’s Legacy, his Image miniseries about the children of Silver Age heroes with artist Frank Quitely. That series was a fantastic look into how young people look at their parents, and in turn how parents look at their children, albeit with some awesome super hero action. Unfortunately, for as good as Jupiter’s Legacy was, it was plagued by scheduling delays due to Quitely’s slow output. However, that’s not an issue now with Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2, which not only picks up where our story left off, but has been ensured by Millar and Quitely to an on-time release schedule.

Hutch and Chloe, alongside their son Jason, have started to assemble a team of super powered criminals to help them overthrow their former friends who just took over Washington. Recruitments have been going well, until Hutch and Chloe make it to Dubai, where one royal family has hired a superhuman bodyguard at a $100,000 per day rate. But surely they, and their son, can convince her to join them, right?

Mark Millar’s script is pretty damn awesome, and you can tell that he’s really excited to get back to this world. Millar gets right into the action, dropping us in on Chloe and Hutch’s recruitment tactics, as well as a nice throwback to the prequel series Jupiter’s Circle between Hutch and his father. While this issue does rely on having some knowledge of the events of the first volume of Jupiter’s Legacy, there’s a quick recap page to start off the issue that will give you the gist of what you need to know. But really, you should pick up Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 1 before you read this, as it’ll give you necessary background info on all the characters.

Millar’s script gets off to a rollicking start, but it’s propelled into the stratosphere thanks to Frank Quitely’s artwork. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Quitely’s art (probably since volume 1 of Jupiter’s Legacy now that I think about it), and man, did I miss it. There are panels and layouts here that will blow you away, and remind you that Quitely is still one of the masters of modern comics.

If there’s one negative about Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2’s first issue, it’s that it’s definitely over way too soon. Thankfully though, we should be getting the next issue in a month’s time, so we won’t have to wait too long to see how Hutch and Chloe convince this new super powered being to join their cause. With Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 Millar and Quitely are on the right track for a worthy follow-up to their original series, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.
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