Comic Review: Justice League of America #13


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Justice League of America #13 (DC Comics) Justice-League-of-America-13

Justice League of America started as one of the more entertaining DC Rebirth titles, but recent storylines have fallen way short of the potential of the series. I mean, this book has Batman and Lobo on the same team, and yet the Steve Orlando series has just kind of existed alongside the other DC books, a trend that I was hoping was going to change with the recent storyline, which finds Batman’s team of heroes finally searching for the original Atom, Ray Palmer. Unfortunately, not enough happens in this issue to make that the case.

Steve Orlando’s script is still full of great character moments between the teammates, but at the end of the day the plot does nothing to move this series where it needs to be. This has been one of the biggest problems with Justice League of America, and at thirteen issues you’d think that the pacing problems would’ve been figured out by now. The fact that they still exist is starting to get a little worrisome.

Ivan Reis makes his return to Justice League of America with this issue, and while it’s great to have him back, he too suffers from this boring script. Reis is an artist who thrives on dynamic poses and great action, so when you give him panels of characters just conversing, you don’t get what you deserve from him. At the very least, Ivan Reis is able to give these quiet moments the treatment they deserve, especially a great moment where Batman is confronted by some grieving alien parents.

Justice League of America is a book that I still continue to read mainly because of the character dynamics. But I won’t lie; it’s been getting a little old reading this series and having little to nothing of substance happen. While there’s still a chance that this storyline could turn things around for the title, for now the fact that a book featuring Batman, Killer Frost, Lobo, and more on a team does little more than merit a “it’s pretty good” reaction out of me isn’t a good thing.
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