Comic Review: Justice League of America Rebirth #1


index2Justice League of America Rebirth #1 (DC Comics)

Spinning out of the pages of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, Justice League Of America Rebirth features one of the strangest teams to ever bear the name “Justice League. I mean, who would’ve thought we’d ever see Batman and Lobo on the same team? But Steve Orlando and Ivan Reis have done it, and added a whole new aspect to the stellar DC Rebirth relaunch.

Much of Justice League of America Rebirth is what you would expect: Batman, along with Killer Frost, makes his way through the DC Universe and convinces various people to join his new team. Interested in forming a “League of Mortals”, Batman wants to specifically make this League a team of underdogs who are looking to make a difference. It’s certainly a different take on idea of the Justice League, and when the team features characters like Black Canary, The Ray, and even Lobo, you’re certainly in for an interesting time. However, those jumping into JLA Rebirth without reading any of the prior character-specific one-shots may find themselves a little lost, as there’s very little back-story into a majority of our characters here. Plus, the story is really just “getting the team together”. There’s no threat they have to face just yet, only getting along.

Despite a lackluster plot, Steve Orlando shows that the real strength of Justice League of America will be the team, which definitely looks to be one of the more unique Justice Leagues. The interplay between these characters is in full effect from the first moments they share a page, with Lobo being the clear standout. The Main Man is back after a lackluster “re-invention” of the character, and his brash attitude is a great contrast to Batman. Fans of the character should absolutely grab this book, as he steals every scene he’s in.

On the art side of things, you can’t do any better than Ivan Reis. Reis’ style has graced many awesome DC titles, and Justice League Rebirth is another great showcase for his skills as an artist. The various members of the team all have a unique style, and there isn’t a bad design in the bunch.

As the biggest title in the “second half” of DC Rebirth, Justice League of America presents a really interesting and fun dynamic for fans of the these characters. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this book start to gain more traction than the regular Justice League title. You can see Superman and Aquaman on a team any old time, but Lobo and The Atom? Well, that’s something truly strange and special.
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