Comic Review: Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #1

jlvsssq01_cvr_583e0b44018de5-16130237Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #1 (of 6) (DC Comics)

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Justice League vs. Suicide Squad. As the first major event of the DC Rebirth era, DC is putting out all the stops for this one. Up and coming writer Joshua Williamson is handling the script duties, and the series will host a who’s who of top DC art talent, with this first issue featuring the one and only Jason Fabok. While putting this much marketing and hype behind something is usually a recipe for failure, it’s a relief to see that that’s not the case with this opening issue.

A good portion of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad focuses on the latter team, who is currently in the middle of a mission for Amanda Waller. As with most Suicide Squad missions, things start to get out of hand, which finally brings the Justice League into the mix. Batman has recently discovered the existence of Waller’s group, and when he tells his fellow heroes of their existence, the League decides to step in and take them down. This sets the stage for a brawl in the next issue, but not before a reveal of a new team of forgotten characters lead by Maxwell Lord who will make their return known later in the series.

Joshua Williamson’s script does a great job of setting up the story for this event for both newcomers and those of us who have been reading since DC Rebirth began. Williamson brings everyone up to speed without resorting to info dumps, and his characterizations of the different members of both teams is pretty fantastic. While we don’t get a lot of information on Maxwell Lord’s group of ‘heroes”, the mystery Williamson has started here is pretty interesting.

Jason Fabok has been one of DC’s rising stars for a few years now, and I absolutely expect Justice League vs. Suicide Squad to put him into superstar status. Fabok creates images in this book that are destined to become long-standing promotional pieces and posters for DC. His clean, tight line work and detail evoke the greatest work of Jim Lee and David Finch, but unlike those two, Fabok has yet to be plagued with delays and slowdown. If you have yet to experience Fabok’s art, buckle up and get ready to be blown away.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad is off to a pretty cool start, and I’m actually excited that I have no idea where it’s going. Like Inhumans vs. X-Men last week, it’s a solid beginning, but unlike Marvel’s “versus” book, this event looks to be giving both teams even time in the spotlight. Marvel could already stand to take a page or two from DC Rebirth; hopefully Justice League vs. Suicide Squad forces them to take notice.
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