Comic Review: Monstro Mechanica #1

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Monstro Mechanica #1 (Aftershock Comics)  bookmonstromechanica

Aftershock Comics has been making some pretty big waves lately, and all signs point to Monstro Mechanica being the next big book from the publisher. Focusing on a wooden automaton created by Leonardo Da Vinci, the Paul Allor written and Chris Evenhuis drawn series has plenty of nods to Iron Man, Assassin’s Creed, and Da Vinci’s Demons to keep people intrigued.

If you couldn’t tell from that opening paragraph, Monstro Mechanica details Leonardo Da Vinci creating a wooden robot to fight….crime? It’s not entirely spelled out, but Da Vinci has made a robot, but doesn’t want to keep using it for fear that it’ll gain sentience. He even dissuades his assistant, Isabel, from referring to the robot as “him”. But Isabel definitely has other plans, as she has fears that Da Vinci isn’t as noble as he seems.

The premise behind Monstro Mechanica is pretty awesome, but unfortunately this opening issue doesn’t exactly live up to it. Paul Allor’s script is full of really cool ideas, but he spends a lot of time on Leonardo Da Vinci and his exploits in high society instead of the wooden robot that he’s built, and the assistant that has plans to use it against him. While this is fine for the opening issue of the series, I really hope that Allor focuses on the assistant and the robot in future issues, as that’s really the main draw here.

Another draw for the series is Chris Evenhuis’ art, which is pretty damn impressive. I’ve never seen his work before, but Evenhuis has a crisp and clean style that suits the book perfectly. While you might think his style would hinder the action sequences of the book, it actually works really well without sacrificing the details that other artists would give up.

While Monstro Mechanica isn’t as strong of a debut as Babyteeth or Animosity, it’s still another worthy addition to the growing line of strong Aftershock books. If the company is able to keep this kind of output up, they’ll quickly become one of the new heavy hitters in the comics field. As it stands right now, Monstro Mechanica has the potential to be a great series for fans of alternate history, or robots in general, provided that it actually focuses on the robot in question.
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