Comic Review: Nightwing Rebirth #1!

Nightwing-Rebirth-1Nightwing Rebirth #1 (DC Comics)

At long last, Dick Grayson is back as Nightwing. After two years (give or take) as a secret agent, the first Robin is back in his Nightwing guise, and even rocking the classic blue and black uniform. Of the second wave of DC Rebirth titles, Nightwing Rebirth was easily my most anticipated book, and now that the Tim Seeley and Yanick Paquette issue has been released, does it live up to the hype?

Kind of.

Nightwing Rebirth is a “putting the toys back” issue in many ways. While I haven’t read much of Grayson, this Rebirth issue for Dick Grayson does an okay job of explaining his new status quo, and his reasoning for getting back into the identity that made him famous. But even though I was able to follow along with this series without reading much of the previous run, I’ll admit that there were a few times where I could’ve used a little more in-depth explanation of the events that Tim Seeley glosses over in this issue, especially with the Court of Owls’ recent plot involving Damian Wayne.

Despite this, Tim Seeley’s script is pretty great. While it’s very light on plot and action, Seeley does a great job of getting into Dick Grayson’s headspace. It’s hard to think of another major comic book character that’s had more changes in the last twenty years than Dick Grayson. He’s been Robin, his own solo character, Batman, a secret agent, and now back to being Nightwing again. It’s enough to make you wonder how Dick Grayson can keep things straight, but Seeley uses these experiences to strengthen his return as Nightwing, not hinder them.

It’s always great to see Yanick Paquette’s art, and Nightwing Rebirth is no exception. Everything you love and expect to see from Paquette is here, but I was a little disappointed to see that there weren’t any crazy layouts that the artist is known for. Perhaps he didn’t have the time to make them. Regardless, Paquette’s art is still great, and compliments Seeley’s script perfectly.
Despite the fact that this issue was a little slower than I was expecting, it is great to see Dick Grayson back as Nightwing. I was never the biggest fan of the idea of making him a secret agent; so seeing him back in a costume again was a lot of fun, and has me pretty excited to jump into his new series.
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