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Venom #1 (Marvel Comics) venom

Like any good child of the 90’s, I love Venom, and I’ve checked up on him numerous times throughout his history. From teeth and tongued monstrosity to a government operative to a guardian of the galaxy, Venom has gone through a ton of changes since his debut in Amazing Spider-Man #300, and now writer Mike Costa and artist Gerardo Sandoval are bringing him back to the basics. There’s a new guy in charge of the symbiote, and he’s going to remind you why Venom was one of the best villains in Marvel.

After jumping from homeless person to homeless person, the symbiote is in dire shape, and desperately needs a strong host to survive. What it finds though is someone who may not be all that trustworthy, or willing to try and do the right thing, a new trait that’s been imprinted on the symbiote after bonding with Flash Thompson. The costume needs a host to survive, but will it go back to its old ways in order to live?

Mike Costa’s script does a wonderful job of completely subverting your expectations with Venom. You go through roughly half of the issue thinking you’re following one person, when you suddenly realize that the character you were following wasn’t who you were following at all. Hell, I didn’t even catch it when I first I read the issue. I won’t reveal who the new host of the symbiote is, but I will say that Costa does a pretty great job of explaining what makes this person tick, and he even gets into the mindset of the alien costume, something that’s only been done a handful of times in the various Venom series.

Aside from a great hook, Gerardo Sandoval’s art is one of the main reasons to pick up Venom. A mix of Todd McFarlane and Humberto Ramos, Sandoval’s art is fluid and extremely dynamic. Under his pen, the symbiote looks like a horrifying crazed tentacle monster, and his new design for Venom with his new host is really spectacular. I’ve only seen a handful of Sandoval’s work before, but this should be the book to make him a superstar at Marvel.

While it remains to be seen just how someone can have this much control over the symbiote, I must admit that I’m very impressed by this new take on Venom. The hook is solid, and Mike Costa sounds like the perfect writer for this new take on the character. After a bit of a false start with his “Agent of the Cosmos” series, Venom’s back on Earth, and ready to rock and roll. Here’s hoping this leads to great things for the character.
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