Jonathan Waugh, the first of his name, was born on the second day of the first month of the year 1987. After being bitten by an irradiated spider at a high school field trip, he planned on using his newfound powers for fame and fortune. However, tragedy struck when he spilled some Moxie on his laptop. Thus learning that “with great power, comes great responsibility”, he decided to use his powers for good, and travelled the globe learning from different thieves and martial arts masters.  Soon, Jon landed on the Dagobah system, where a small Jedi master trained him in the ways of The Force. After returning home and saving the city from the combined might of Darth Vader, Ra’s Al Guhl, and a symbiote invasion, he built a small base of operations underneath the basement of Jetpack Comics. When not plotting to rule Eternia, he spends his time reading comic books, playing video games, and obsessing over pop culture. Follow him on twitter @Jonwahizzle for too many pictures of his cat and opinions on fictional characters and locations. 

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