Comic Review: Wonder Woman #5

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Greg Rucka’s Wonder Woman has taken a very different approach to the DC Rebirth shipping schedule. With alternating storylines per issue, it’s been an adjustment for those of us used to the typical superhero story telling methods. While it’s still too early to tell how this is working, it’s definitely made it harder to focus on the individual stories. While Wonder Woman may say “#5” on the cover, it’s actually the third issue of “The Lies”, the storyline that ties directly into the events in Wonder Woman Rebirth (even numbered issues have been telling the “Year One” story with artist Nicola Scott). Featuring art by Liam Sharpe, Wonder Woman is still teaming up with Cheetah to try and discover the mystery behind her messed up timeline, while Steve Trevor remains a prisoner of the Urzkartaga tribe.

Yup, not much has happened since issue 3 (again, the last installment of this story), and that’s the main problem with Wonder Woman. There simply hasn’t been enough forward momentum with the plot, which is one of the few negatives of the DC Rebirth line as a whole. Plus when you add in the fact that each issue of Wonder Woman alternates between storylines it becomes even more confusing. Perhaps there’s a connection between “The Lies” and “Year One” that we have yet to get to, but as of right now, all this publishing schedule does is make you confused.

At least Rucka’s writing is still good. Even with the drawn out storyline, Rucka’s Diana is still every bit as noble and courageous as she should be. Hell, I even enjoy his take on Steve Trevor, a character that I’ve never really cared about. While the main story still needs some forward momentum, Rucka’s character work still shines, and I love the interplay between Diana and Cheetah.

Liam Sharpe has been handling the art duties for the “The Lies” portion of Wonder Woman, and he’s been pretty damn phenomenal so far. This issue, however, has a few odd character features and darker shading. Perhaps there’s a new inker going over his art or a new colorist filling in the lines for him, but there’s definitely a small step down from what Sharpe’s been doing. Thankfully it’s nothing that ruins the reading experience of the book.

While Wonder Woman has some awesome talent behind it, I’m not convinced that the whole “alternating story lines per issue” was the best way to start up her DC Rebirth series. While it puts less pressure on the artists working on the book, it’s now created a needlessly confusing publishing schedule for fans. You either buy the even or odd numbered issues, or not at all. Wonder Woman, at least creator wise, is still one of DC best Rebirth titles, but this publishing schedule has the potential to really screw that up if the connection between both storylines isn’t revealed soon.
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