Comic Review: Tokyo Ghost #10

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Tokyo Ghost #10 (Image Comics)TokyoGhost_10-1

It’s over. Tokyo Ghost #10 is the final chapter of Rick Remender and Sean Murphy’s futuristic dystopian mega tale. Set in a future that we’re scarily not too far off from, Tokyo Ghost has been a blistering take down of our addiction to technology, and the art from Sean Murphy only makes the takedown look even sweeter.

Debbie Decay has become the Tokyo Ghost, and is ready to take revenge on Davey Trauma for the death of her boyfriend. Rick Remender’s script has some incredibly heartbreaking moments, and really cuts to the core of the decision that lays in front of her: does she give in to Trauma’s fantasy world where the love of her life is still alive? Or does she save the world from the technology that has corrupted it?

Obviously I’m not going to spoil the finale, but I will say that Remender’s script takes a hard look at how technology has affected our world, and he amazingly is able to make it not sound preachy at all. He’s able to present his views on how the world should be, but does it in an entertaining way without making you feel like you’re being lectured.

While the script is great, this issue really belongs to Sean Murphy. Murphy has delivered some jaw-dropping work with this series, but he really outdoes himself here. From the harsh and menacing wires and cable work ofTrauma’s lair to the gorgeous nature visuals of the alternate world for Debbie, there isn’t a bad panel here. Tokyo Ghost has been a tour-de-force for Murphy, and proof positive that he’s one of the best artists out there today.

It’s sad to see Tokyo Ghost go, but I would much rather Remender and Murphy end the story naturally than try to find someone to keep the story going when it didn’t need it. As it stands right now, Tokyo Ghost is one of the best recent titles Image put out, and could become a modern classic. Seek this out. You won’t regret it.
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