Comic Review: Teen Titans Rebirth #1


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The Teen Titans had a pretty rough time in the New 52. They started off being mocked right out of the gate, with the original group being considered “too edgy”, and the mini relaunch that they’re just now ending started off really strong, but quickly lost steam. Add in a bunch of weird crossovers and events, and the Teen Titan franchise was left in a pretty bad state. However, with DC Rebirth it’s time for new beginnings, and with the creative team of Green Arrow’s Ben Percy and Spawn artist Jonboy Meyers, Teen Titans Rebirth has what it takes to make a good comic. But there’s one thing that’s holding it back.

Teen Titans Rebirth serves as introduction to this new version of the team, which has been scattered across the globe in recent months. Introducing us to Beast Boy, Raven, Kid Flash, and Starfire, Percy’s script spends a few pages with each character before they’re kidnapped by a mysterious force, which ends up being Damien Wayne (before you say spoiler, it’s right on the cover). This is a really great framing device for the issue, and Percy has a great handle on all of the characters, but his dialogue for Damien Wayne is pretty cheesy. The premise of Damien kidnapping the former members to make them a team again is really, really strong though, so I’ll give Percy some slack, but some of the lines Damien says are extremely cheesy.

Jonboy Meyers’ cartoony style is much better suited for a series like this than it ever was on Spawn. From Beast Boy and his animal shape shifting to Raven’s dark powers, Meyers’ style is a great bridge between the current Teen Titans GO cartoon and the more mature style of other Teen Titan books, and it works phenomenally well for this series. There are a few weird angles and figure work here and there, but for the most part Meyers’ makes a great impression with Teen Titans.

Teen Titans Rebirth, despite the Damien misstep, could be pretty fun showpiece for the younger members of the DC Universe. I’ve never been a big Teen Titans fan, but this could be the book to change that. Like I said before, the idea of Damien putting together the Teen Titans against their will is really great, and well worth checking out. Let’s just hope that those one-liners are improved next time.
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