Comic Review: Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #1


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Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye (DC Comics/Young Animal) cave-carson-has-a-cybernetic-eye-1

Gerard Way’s other Young Animal series, Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye, is pretty weird. I know that’s not saying much when you look at Way’s Doom Patrol and Umbrella Academy, but Cave Carson is an unknown character that I’ve honestly never heard of. But, this is just the kind of character that can benefit from the Young Animal treatment, and with Michael Avon Oeming drawing and Jon Rivera assisting on scripts, it’s got a lot of potential.

Cave Carson follows the adventurer after the death of his wife, Eileen. Restless and still acclimating to life without his wife, Way and Rivera’s script is actually a lot more subdued and melancholy than one would initially suspect. But this works in a lot of ways, because it makes Carson immediately sympathetic. Not only that, but apparently his titular cybernetic eye is also a recent addition to his life, so he’s still getting used to that as well. All of these changes are having a profound effect on Carson, who at one point was a world famous explorer, but has now seen the spotlight fade on him. It’s this human element, and the fact that Way and Rivera are able to keep CCHACE from being TOO weird (which can’t be said of some of the other Young Animal books) that makes this debut one of the stronger Young Animal titles.

Michael Avon Oeming has been working in comics for decades, and while his style can take some getting used to, it works really well for CCHACE. While an opening issue that features a widower dealing with life without his spouse doesn’t sound like the kind of series that would have dynamic panel layouts, Oeming delivers some pretty clever and unique ways to present Way and Rivera’s story (I particularly enjoyed the way Oeming depicted Carson’s eye noticing things around him). Like the script, these panel layouts did a lot to keep my interest in the book.

Of the Young Animal books, Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye seemed like the weirdest, but after reading it, it might also be one of the best. This debut issue definitely stands toe to toe with Way’s Doom Patrol, and if I’m being honest, I might even like it more. If anything, Cave Carson shows the potential of DC’s Young Animal line, and hopefully it’ll inspire some other weirdly creative books to spring from it.
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