Comic Review: The Flash #12


The Flash #12 (DC Comics) the-flash-12-2016

The Flash has been a book that I want to like more than I actually do. I love the CW show, even with a shaky third season, and I’m a huge fan of writer Joshua Williamson’s Birthright. But something just hasn’t clicked with me when it comes to the Flash. The first storyline was oddly paced, and now that same problem is hitting the current storyline. Even an appearance from The Shade, one of my favorite characters from James Robinson’s Starman, hasn’t done much to increase my interest.

Much like the title character, it feels like Joshua Williamson’s scripts are moving at a break neck speed to get through stories. Flash #12 is no exception, as The Flash and Kid Flash’s battle to help The Shade escape from the Shadow World is over almost as quickly as it began. As much as Williamson shines with his characterizations of Barry Allen and Wally West, there’s simply too much going on too fast for any of it to stick.

Davide Gianfelice handles the artwork for this issue, and he fits in really well with the art style set up for this series. Gianfelice’s designs for the Shadow World are pretty interesting, but at times his cartoony style gives the characters a bit too much of an exaggerated appearance. However, it’s not a complete deal breaker.

I’m still going to keep up with The Flash, but I have to admit, I do wish it was a stronger book. At 12 issues in, it’s not like we can say Williamson is “getting used” to the character. However, I really enjoy The Flash as a character, and the promise of the Rogues making an appearance in the next story arc is enough to keep me on board for now.
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