Comic Review: Locke & Key: Small Worlds #1

Locke & Key: Small Worlds #1 (IDW) la-et-hc-lock-key-cover-20160615

Locke and Key makes a triumphant return with Locke & Key: Small World. The latest installment in Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’ story, Small World is an entertaining one-off story that will satisfy fans of the original Locke & Key series, but will probably leave newcomers a little confused, since it’s very tied into the Locke family mythos.

Focusing on the early ancestors of the Locke family from the original series, Small World finds us meeting a Locke family that is not only in possession of the infamous keys of Keyhouse, but living with all of the benefits that they offer. Shadow creatures serve as servants and cooks, and a Miniature key is being used to full effect with the young daughter’s dollhouse. Of course, since the dollhouse is an exact replica of Keyhouse, that means that whatever happens inside of the dollhouse happens within the house when the key is being used. So when a spider accidentally makes its way into the dollhouse, it spells bad things for this generation of Lockes.

Joe Hill’s script doesn’t offer very much for crazy revelations into the main Locke and Key mythos, but that’s not what this story is about. This is a fun one-off story about one of the past generations of Lockes, and it’s really interesting to see this family using all of the Keys in a positive way, especially when we know how that will go in the modern day for the Locke family. Hill’s script bounces between a lot of the Locke family, but it shines brightest when he focuses on this generation of Locke children, a talent that Hill used to great effect in the original series.

It wouldn’t be a Locke & Key story without the incredible Gabriel Rodriguez, and luckily for us, he’s back for this story too! Rodriguez is one of comic’s most underrated artists, and it’s great to see him back again. This issue is a fantastic showcase for Rodriguez’ talents, as he gets to show off a giant spider, crazy shadow monsters, and gigantic objects crashing through walls in the house. If anything, Small World is worth the price of admission just to see Rodriguez draw all of this crazy action.

Locke & Key: Small World is a fun return to the series, but it’s over a little too soon. Once I was getting into the story it started to wrap up. In all honesty, this should’ve been a double sized issue to let us soak in the new aspects of the Keyhouse that Hill and Rodriguez were setting up. But a new installment of Locke & Key is never a bad thing, and fans of the series will love this look into Locke family history
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