Comic Review: Extremity #1


extremity_01-1Extremity #1 (Image Comics)

Image Comics have prided themselves on being the go to place for comic creators, and while it’s created a glut of new titles that sometimes feel very similar, there are still lots of books that feature some pretty awesome surprises. One of those surprises is definitely Daniel Warren Johnson’s Extremity, a book that takes a lot of similar themes you’ve seen in other Image titles and completely turns them on their head.

Extremity takes place in a (you guessed it) science fiction fantasy world, where a rebellious group of freedom fighters known as the Roto battle against the evil Paznina army. However, Daniel Warren Johnson’s art and designs for this world really make Extremity stand out from other fantasy and sci-fi Image titles. His Princess Thea, a gifted artist who tragically lost her hand as a child, has an awesome little revenge story that takes up the first issue. This smaller story serves as a great introduction to Extremity’s world, and by presenting the story this way, Johnson doesn’t bog down the story with an info dump right at the start. We’re given just enough to intrigue us, while having a relatable human element to hook us in.

While Johnson’s story is great, it’s his art that steals the show. This opening issue is centered around a Roto attack on a Paznina fortress, and it’s stunning. This is a fantastic showcase for Johnson’s style, as he gives us great character designs, cool vehicles, and some truly brutal action.  Not only that, but Johnson’s art is able to convey the conflicting emotions that Thea and her family have over their war. While Thea is very much out for vengeance, her brother clearly is not, and there’s a heartbreaking moment when it comes for Thea to get revenge for her mother and her talent.

Extremity completely blew me away, and I can’t recommend it enough. While you may pass it by on the shelf because it looks like “just another fantasy Image comic”, trust me, it’s really, really awesome. Extremity is another great example of the fantastic things Image can allow creators to do, and like Saga, Birthright, and Southern Bastards before it, I’m expecting very big things from this book in the future.
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