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Curse Words #5 (Image Comics) CurseWords_05-1

Charles Soule and Ryan Browne’s Curse Words is, simply put, bananas. The adventures of Wizord and Margaret the Koala have proven to be one of the most unique Image titles on the stands, with Soule and Browne clearly having a blast playing in the world they’ve created. With Curse Words #5, they close up the first story arc of their series, which finds Wizord in battle with the witch Ruby Stitch, who also just so happens to be his ex.

Since Wizord lost his connection to magic for disobeying his master, he’s been in search of different areas around the globe that can restore his magical abilities. After preventing a massive tsunami last issue, Wizord is in desperate need of a recharge, but he’s then attacked by Ruby Stitch. Wizord desperately tries to hold his own against Ruby, but it’s not until he visits a casino and is recharged by people’s belief in “luck” that he’s able to fully power up and take on Ruby, which leads to a conclusion that may turn Ruby to Wizord’s side and against their former master.

Charles Soule’s script for Curse Words #5 moves at a much brisker pace than the previous issues, largely due to the fact that this issue features a ton of action. While Soule could’ve dragged out the under powered Wizord for another issue, he quickly finds a way to recharge our “hero” and then get him right back into the fight. He also peppers in some pretty major reveals about Wizord and Ruby’s past history that I won’t spoil here, but know that it’s very much unexpected. If you are the type to flip through your comics before you purchase them, I recommend you hold off doing that with this issue.

If Soule’s script moves quickly, Ryan Browne’s art only adds to the frenetic pace of the issue. Browne’s art has been great on this series, but with this issue he outdoes himself. From his dynamic layouts to the framing of the fight between Wizord and Ruby Stitch, there’s not a bad page in the issue.

If you haven’t given Curse Words a try yet, I highly recommend that you do. Now that the fifth issue has come out, the trade paperback will be hitting shelves pretty soon. Charles Soule and Ryan Browne’s story of a wizard sent to Earth to destroy it, only to fall in love with it is surprisingly funny and human, and it’s one of the best Image titles on the stands.
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