Waugh's Bag Volume 6, Issue 38!

Waugh’s Bag

Volume 6, Issue 38!

“Sabrina Returns to TV!”

Guys. GUYS. 

It’s finally happening. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is coming to TV, and more importantly, it’s coming to The CW and being overseen by Riverdale Executive Producer (and Chilling Adventures writer) Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. To say this news has me excited would be an understatement. While I’m a pretty big fan of Riverdale (see last week’s column), the real reason I started watching that show was because I heard Sacasa say that if Riverdale was a success, then the next Archie property they’d adapt would be Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.  And it’s happening!

For those unaware, I’m a big fan of Sabrina, and no, I can’t explain exactly why. It might be because I like Halloween stuff in general. It might be because the Melissa Joan Hart series was a staple of my TGIF years as a kid. Most likely though, it’s because the current Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series is bar none, one of the best comic books one the shelves right now. As part of the “Archie Horror’ imprint that includes Afterlife With Archie and the upcoming Jughead The Hunger, Chilling Adventures is a horror-based take on Sabrina Spellman’s life, and it doesn’t pull any punches at all. This is a gory, Rosemary’s Baby meets The Witch take on the classic Archie character, and it rules so much that I could easily see it fitting in with other CW shows like Supernatural

There’s literally no news yet aside from the CW ordering a pilot for the show, but I have high hopes that Mad Men’s Keirnan Shipka will play Sabrina. She’s around the age that they’d be looking to cast her as (Sabrina is sixteen in the series), and yes, Salem the cat does talk in the Chilling Adventures book, and I’m gunning for Robert Englund to voice him. I can’t explain why I imagine the voice of Freddy Krueger coming out of that little black cat’s body, but I do know that it would be awesome.

For now, you should absolutely check out the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic book, and hell, why not catch up on Riverdale too while you’re at it? Everything I said last week still stands, and if they get even better streaming and ratings buzz, maybe my girl Sabrina will pop up in the second season of the show to build up the buzz.

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