Comic Review: The Showdown Vol 2


The Showdown Vol. 2The-Showdown-Vol.-2-cover

What if demons, werewolves, zombies, and all other kinds of monstrous creatures had a chance to escape Hell, but only if they won a race through all of Hell’s levels? That’s the premise behind The Showdown’s second volume from Russ Lippit and Ezequiel Pineda. The Showdown Vol 2 isn’t going to be for everyone, but if you happen to love crazy, over the top horror and monsters, you’ll find plenty to love here.

As part two of a planned trilogy, I was a little worried that I’d be lost reading The Showdown’s second volume. Luckily Lippit’s script is pretty accessible for those who haven’t read the first volume of this race of the damned. Focusing on a wide variety of racers, Showdown reminded me of a crazy, hard R horror take on the old Wacky Racers, albeit with a LOT more gore and nudity (it should be noted that The Showdown Vol 2 is definitely NOT for the kiddos). While Lippit’s premise is solid, there are some moments where the dialogue is a little corny. However, as the book goes on it greatly improves, and Lippit even peppers in some pretty cool moments and a fun surprise cameo later on.

On the art side of things, Ezequiel Pineda really throws everything at this book. There’s a wide variety of creatures and monsters that Pineda showcases in The Showdown, and while they don’t all look as cool as they could, there’s still a lot of great designs, and Pineda knows how to draw some great action. Car chases and races are typically the hardest things to make in comics, but here Pineda is able to figure out how to deliver the goods in a way that’s extremely dynamic.

How much you enjoy The Showdown Vol 2 will definitely depend on how much you enjoy horror movies. Since I tend to enjoy that stuff, I found a lot to like in it. If you’re looking for a fun, campy, and very extreme book to read this Halloween, The Showdown Vol 2 will definitely do the trick.
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