Comic Review: Incredible Hulk #709


The Incredible Hulk #709 portrait_incredible

It’s been over ten years since Planet Hulk was released, and now with the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok using ideas and themes from that story, it seems only fitting that Marvel would start a sequel story starring the current Hulk, Amadeus Cho. As part of the Marvel “Legacy” rebranding, the newly numbered Incredible Hulk #709 allows original “Planet Hulk” writer Greg Pak the chance to revisit his classic story and show us what’s happened on Sakaar since the Hulk freed the enslaved races on that planet. With artist Greg Land, Incredible Hulk #709 sets up a very promising start for this new storyline, and should interest fans of the original story.

Amadeus Cho has been floating through space, hoping that through an isolation study he can figure out why he’s been losing control over the Hulk. However, he quickly receives a distress call from the planet Sakaar, which explicitly asks for the “Green Scar”, the name bestowed on the original Hulk when he was there. Knowing that he can’t leave these people who need him behind, Cho takes it upon himself to answer the call.

Greg Pak has a lot of fun playing in the world of “Planet Hulk” again, and it shows with this script. While Amadeus Cho’s Hulk wasn’t the Hulk that visited Sakaar, the story makes a lot of sense for the character, as he’s been recently looking for a way to prove that he can be just as much a hero as the original Hulk. Cho’s interactions with the residents of Sakaar are really entertaining, and Pak even finds time to add to the growing subplot of the Hulk that remains dormant inside of Cho’s body, just waiting for the time to explode out of him.

Greg Land is a pretty controversial artist these days, but I’m happy to report that his art in Incredible Hulk #709 actually looks like comic book art, and not just traced figures. Land’s action sequences and look for Sakaar are all really interesting, and he brings a nice sense of time moving onward and technology changing on Sakaar since the original Hulk left that world. There’s still some of the same problems that Land’s art has had before, mainly in the stiff character work and weird facial expressions, but this some of the artist’s stronger work than we’ve seen in the past.

All in all, Incredible Hulk #709 is a pretty solid return to the “Planet Hulk” saga, and while I’m not sure we need to revisit this storyline, the end result could’ve also been a lot worse than this. The hook will be seeing Amadeus Cho’s journey as a hero for the people of Sakaar, and so far that’s enough to get me interested in this story line.
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