Comic Review: Captain America #695


Captain_America_Vol_1_695_TextlessCaptain America #695 (Marvel Comics)

Cap has a had a rough few years. His reputation has been tarnished in both the Marvel Universe and with comic book fans, so Marvel’s Legacy relaunch event serves as a great way to rehabilitate the character after Secret Empire. Fewer creators have a better pedigree together than Mark Waid and Chris Samnee, and hopes are high that the two can work the same magic on the Sentinel of Liberty as they did with previous series Daredevil and Black Widow. After reading Captain America #695, it’s clear that Samnee and Waid are doing the same witchcraft that made those previous series so compelling.

Serving as an excellent jumping on point, this issue finds Steve Rogers traveling to a small Nebraska town to take in their “Captain America Day” celebration. An annual tradition ever since Captain America saved the town from some radical terrorists named Rampart, Cap has heard rumblings that Rampart is planning to attack the town once again as a show of their newfound power. Of course Captain America stops them, but not before showing the people of the town how fellow citizens stepped up to help others.

While Mark Waid’s script gets a little cheesy at times, it’s also a necessary thing for this period in the character’s life. Everyone, from the townspeople at large to comic fans, need to be reminded of the power of Captain America. Waid gets right to the core of what makes Captain America so inspiring, and while it’s a bit of a stretch that none of the townspeople recognize Steve Rogers until he’s in his costume, Waid’s characterization and dialogue for Cap more than makes up for it.

When it comes to the art, Captain America #695 is another perfect example of how well Chris Samnee works with Mark Waid. The two are the peanut butter and chocolate of comics, and Samnee brings a huge amount of life to the pages in this issue. From the moments with Captain America interacting with the townspeople to the stunning action sequences, this issue is another example of why Chris Samnee is such a rare talent in comics.

If you’ve been waiting for the return of the “real Captain America”, then Captain America #695 is the book you’ve been waiting for. A wonderful mix of heart, humor, and action, it’s one of the best debut issues for the Marvel Legacy relaunch, and should make fans of the Sentinel of Liberty very, very happy.
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