Project Nemesis

The First 100 people to click through and order it get it just for the cost of shipping.

We're so excited about Jeremy Robinson's PROJECT NEMESIS series that we commissioned an exclusive cover, by the lovely and talented Joshua Belanger. We're so excited that we're hosting a signing with series artist Matt Frank and the rest of these goons!

We're so excited that we want to spread the word by GIVING AWAY 100 FREE copies of this book.

That's right, the first 100 people to click through, and place their order, will get a FREE copy of our limited edition exclusive, just for the cost of shipping & handling.

What's the catch?  There is none.  There is a limit of 1 copy per address. You have to order it here.  Don't email us about it.  Don't ask to pick it up at the shop.  By the time you hear back from us we just might be out of them.  You can add other things to your cart but no more than 1 copy of this book.

It's a special mail-order deal for all of our mail-order friends.

 Project Nemesis #1 (Jetpack Exclusive)  - $0.00
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