Art is... No one really knows what Art does at Jetpack. Most people see him around here and there, but they all get the feeling that they shouldn’t ask about him. And that’s the way Ralph likes it. You see... Art is like Jetpack Comics own James Bond. He drives the coolest car, has the coolest gadgets, gets the hottest chicks, and will melt your face off with a guitar, but its the stuff no one knows about that’s really important. Art does the jobs that Ralph doesn’t trust anyone else to do. Like putting up a jumbo-tron in the middle of the store. Or setting up a state of the art security system that Ralph can use to spy on his employees while he’s home drinking beer. Or just build random stuff in the store so Ralph can confuse as many people as possible. Or iterrogating unruly employees in the basement. Or exorcizing demons from the basement. Or walling up Luke’s unfortunate victims in the basement, thereby inviting more demons to the basement. Like I said, James Bond. So if you see Art at the store, don’t talk to him, he’s probably doing top secret stuff.

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