This is Ralph.  Ralph is supposed to be in charge of all this.  Good luck finding Ralph actually being charge.  Want to talk to Ralph?  Gonna Call him?  Best of luck with that.  Talking to Ralph on the phone is like getting an audience with the pope.  Want Ralph to call you back?  Doubtful.. The crack staff of jetpack know better than to pass on useless contact info to him.  You best catch him in store, when he is there, which is at his whim, or you can do like the staff will tell you and email him.  Why email?  Telemarketers don't like email.  Spammers like email and we all know what SPAM email looks like.  For real, the Jetpack Staff & website can answer most of your questions.  Ralph's like the Queen of England.  A useless figurehead (though he has way less money than her).  If you really need to reach him email jetpackcomics@gmail.com but don't try to sell him a service or a product.  He's not the person to talk to for that.

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