Waugh's Bag Volume 4, Issue 23!

Waugh’s Bag

Volume 4, Issue 23

“Tasking The Master”

Nick Spencer’s Ant-Man series has become a new favorite of mine, and a few months ago I read my new favorite issue of the year (so far): Ant-Man #3, which features Scott Lang’s “nemesis”, Taskmaster. Now, as some of you may or may not know, Taskmaster is one of my favorite Marvel characters, and while he’s had some excellent appearances in the past few years (notably his awesome miniseries by Fred Van Lente), he’s still pretty underrated in my book. 

Think about it. This is a character that has the ability to mimic any opponent’s fighting style. How is he not one of the major Marvel villains? Perhaps it’s because no one’s ever given him any aspirations beyond being a gun for hire. Taskmaster’s largely been used as a henchman or go to guy to train goons (in between squaring off with Deadpool every now and then).  But really, with his skill set, Ol’ Taskie could be taking over cities and mopping the floor with every hero he encountered if he wanted to. Hell, he’s even fought the Avengers and other major Marvel characters to a standstill before.  Plus, his costume is badass.

Taskmaster’s appearance in Ant-Man #3 makes me wonder if we might be seeing the character pop up at some point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While it’s obviously too soon to start speculating on if we’ll even see an Ant-Man sequel, we do know that Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang will be appearing in other Marvel movies like Captain America: Civil War, and it is pretty interesting that Marvel would call Taskmaster Ant-Man’s “nemesis” in the solicit. Taskmaster is the perfect bad guy for a future Marvel film, or even on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He could be connected with HYDRA, be a SHIELD agent gone rogue, or even just a minor villain like Batroc was in Winter Soldier.  Ideally I’d love to see Marvel revive their blu ray “one shot” features and highlight him in a series of them, building him up to be a big bad in a future Marvel appearance.  However, with so many characters to choose from, I’m not surprised that Taskmaster has been put on the back burner.

Taskmaster’ abilities and look would make a dynamite impression on the big or small screen. While I wouldn’t want to push Marvel into forcing a character into something they were working on, I highly doubt that they aren’t keeping ol’ Taskie in mind for something. Even just a quick reference to him in an upcoming MCU film would make me happy (but really though, put him in something).

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